FD-SFH Laser Sensor


The FD-SFH is a highly precise laser with less interference than conventional sensors. Used for compensating for gaps, part distortion, inconsistencies, tacks and other small defects with extreme accuracy and rapid feedback. The FD-SFH sensor is extremely flexible and well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

FD-SFH's Assist Robot Teaching function provides users with an easy-to-use interface to save time programming. Operators also benefit from a digital display built into the sensor for checking operating conditions. AII-SF can switch welding conditions automatically on-the-fly, based on the size of the detected gap!


The following are application examples where the FD-SFH would be useful for improving weld quality and consistency.

Body Frame (Thin Plate Lap), Pressure Tank (Flair Lap), Gutter Plate (Inconsistent Part Fit-Up)

Product Details

Technical Details



Real-Time Tracking

NO (use with FD-AR)


Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
(Other materials available)

Applicable range

Lap Joint (1.0mm or more)
Virtually Unlimited potential; particularly usful for Fillet Joints, Corner Joints and many more.
*Not applicable for mirrored surfaces


±0.2mm (8/1000”)

Welding Machine

All OTC DAIHEN arc welding and cutting Machines

Welding torch

350A Air Cooled MAG torch
(Other torches are available by special order)

Basic Functions

Laser Probe
Groove data acquisition

Additional Combinations

FD-AR (for Tracking)

FD-SFH Laser Sensor

FD-SFH Laser Sensor

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Features & Benefits

  • Designed for harsh arc welding environments.
  • Protects against spatter and fumes by purging air.
  • No interference around the torch body.
  • Easy to replace protective lens.
  • Digital display for distance or operating conditions.
  • Compact design and easy maintenance.
  • Dedicated menu provides user-friendly interface and easy-to-use operation via the teach pendant.
  • Advanced 3D tracking technologies provide stable and accurate tracking results.
  • Full support for all equipment (Robot, Welder and Sensor) from OTC Daihen