Arc Welding Robots

OTC DAIHEN’s FD Series are the most ADVANCED arc welding robots that will change the future of manufacturing by offering the most suitable solutions for arc welding automation. A new style and light weight teach pendant features intuitive operation via touch screen and a jog dial allowing simple adjustments to further simplify operation. Quality control functions provide easy quantitative management of welding procedures, and a compact eco-friendly design with reduced power consumption.

Welding & Cutting Machines

OTC DAIHEN's lineup of Welding & Cutting machines provides you with the ideal solution for any CO2, MAG, MIG, TIG, and air plasma cutting application.

Robotic Distributors and Welding Distributors

Got a welding issue? OTC Daihen can help.

  • Customers demand only the best - but usually don't know what they need. Show them the way with OTC Daihen, provider of premium welding and robotic equipment.
  • OTC Daihen is well-proven for improving weld quality. With our technology, issues such as burn through, excessive spatter, and high rework rates will soon become a thing of the past.
  • Improve your customers production: OTC Daihen will work with you to help your customer minimize cycle times and maximize your production levels.
  • Our friendly staff is ready to serve you to meet your welding needs. Just ask us!